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Grand Prima Bintara BusinessCentre No.1

Jl. Terusan I Gusti Ngurah Rai Bekasi Barat – Bekasi 17134 Indonesia

Jawa Barat, Indonesia

No. Telp +62 21 8886  8775; 8886 8776; 8886 8777
No. Fax +62 21 8886 8779
United Refrigeration

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Alumni angkatan tahun 1995



PT. United Refrigeration was established in 2004 and since then has built up a reputation for being a profesional and reliable Contractor & Service Company in Refrigeration. Then it grows in nationwide Refrigeration Business. By focusing in Refrigeration

The company consists of qualified service/maintenance engineers.

United Refrigeration is able to provide service, maintenance, installation and commissioning for all types of equipment from:
• Cold Rooms
Walk in Freezer & Walk in Chiller
• Air Blast
Air Blast Freezer & Air Blast Chiller
• Commercial Refrigeration
Frozen & Chilled Food Display Cases
• Commercial Refrigeration Single & central plant systems
• Multi Compressor Pack systems
• Single Compressor Systems
• Ice Plant
Block Ice Plant
Block Ice Containerized Type
• Ice Machine& Ice Maker
Flake Ice Machine
Chip Ice Machine
Tube Ice Maker
• Blast Freezing Equipment
Contact Plate Freezer [CPF]
Individual Fluidized Freezer [IQF]
Spiral Freezer

We are based on the West of Bekasi, Indonesia

We hope that this gives you an insight into what United Refrigeration is able to offer you.  For more personal approach, do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members.
At United Refrigeration we provide complete comprehensive solutions of Design, Supply, installation, service & Preventative maintenance. Please call now to discuss your requirements with one of our team.


When the economic crisis began to hit Indonesia and other regional countries, the founder of United Refrigeration was very concerned with the Refrigeration Condition in Indonesia due to the limited fund available to maintain the current equipment, replacement or new equipment investment.

To become the best company in Indonesia in term of applied international refrigeration standard to support the refrigeration based Indonesian company to achieve the International highest product standard in competing at the global market.

To enhance the refrigerated based association to implement the international refrigeration standard
through any necessary activities together with government, educational institution, user and other
refrigeration company

To serve the Refrigeration based Company in Indonesia for the best of :

  • Industrial & special purposed refrigeration system design
  • Refrigeration consultation for direct owner
  • Special purposed training class
  • Material and spare part supply
  • Strategic preventive maintenance & repair program
  • Provide a test to commisioning of the Refrigeration Systems


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Layanan Penjualan dan Jasa Mesin Refrigerasi dan Tata Udara

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